Our Purpose



We have a very simple motto: Let’s Grow.

Let’s grow our kids and our community.

Our lifeskills and support programs for children are all built with love as the constant foundation.  

It is our unrelenting desire that all kids in our community feel wonderfully precious and dearly cared about. We want all children to thrive and feel valued in our society.

Our focus is on the kids of Dubbo: our region, our community. 

Our purpose is to give kids love, support and guidance to help them thrive in a rapidly changing, challenging world because no child should be left behind no matter the circumstance. 

We help kids directly with our focused Skillbuilders and CATALYST programs, and indirectly by connecting our community with key support agencies, community-based services and allied health programs that help bring about the best outcomes for families, carers and kids. 

Through our positive contributions to children's lives we aim to support them in their life journey so they can reach their full potential; connecting with and contributing to their communities in meaningful, positive ways.